Moving to Portugal

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What do i need to consider when moving to Portugal?

Portugal is the most western country in Europe and can pride itself with history going back centuries. The climate is warm to hot in summers, always predominated by the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many reasons to move to Portugal. Not only the climate. Also the quality of life, great ameneities, public infrastructure and friendly people. Of course the food is also great.  

When you move to Portugal you want to make sure to compare offers. But don’t miss requesting an offer with Smoover as we are very confident to be the best moving company when you consider to Portugal. Smoover has carried out many long-distance moves from Germany to Portugal, e.g. Berlin to Lisbon, Munich to Lisbon, etc. 


Why Smoover will offer the best price for a move to Portugal


  1. We will pack all items in Germany with a local team
  2. We will send just a driver with your belongings to Portugal
  3. We have partner teams in Portugal that will carry out the unloading
  4. We will also make sure the trucks do not drive back empty.
  5. We have specialized long-distance drivers. 

The five factors above make it possible for us to offer the best moving price for a move to Portugal.


Villa on the beach in Portugal

What does a move to Portugal cost?

As every move the answer is always “it depends”. we can give you some pointers: For a move of 1000kg of items and ~10m³ it will set you back around 3000€. So it’s definitely wise to only bring the nicest and most essential items for such a long move as selling cheaper furniture and buying new is definitely an option. 

A typical family of three will have around 30m³ and 3000kg of items, so the price would be around 9k€. 

Important to note: Although the prices cover a large part of the moves, we will calculate the costs for your personal move individually and according to your wishes. For example, if you have a valuable piano that has to go up 4 flights of stairs, we will also take this into account.3

Statistical data on Portugal

  • Population: 10.3 million
  • GDP: 36457 USD per capita
  • 6.9% of GDP is tax on personal income
  • 3.3t per capita CO2 emissions

The Quickest, Easiest Way To Move

Moving house can be stressful and time-consuming, and choosing a mover you can trust with all your belongings adds to this. That’s why we decided to launch Smoover – to connect you with the most professional moving companies.
Moving house can be complicated and stressful, but our mission is simple – to make your move smooth!

Instant Offer

You can get a quote from removal companies that used to take ages – involving long phone calls, tedious inventory lists, and visits to your home.​

Accurate Inventory List

We can generate an accurate inventory list without home visits by simply filling out a form or using your smartphone to record all your stuff.

Additional Services

We can pack all your items and even hook you up with a painter or cleaner if you need to leave your apartment in tip-top condition before handing over the keys.

No Parking Zone

We can sort out No Parking Zones (Halteverbots Zone), so the truck can be guaranteed a parking place,

English Communication

All communication is in English, including contracts and instant messenger chats on the day of the move.

Privacy First

Form details are entirely anonymous, as we never ask for an address until you decide to move.

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Ready to move?

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