Moving to Switzerland: Documents Required for Customs

Switzerland is not part of the European Union. Therefore moving from the EU to Switzerland requires more preparation than an intra-EU move. In this article we will explain which documents are required for a person (not company) and how you can prepare them.

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Documents that are required for moving to Switzerland

Assuming you are moving from Germany to Switzerland you are exiting the EU and entering Switzerland. Below we share the overview of documents that are required for this customs process. If you book your move with Smoover, you can rest assured that we will guide you through this process and ensure this and everything else about your move will go as smooth as possible!

  • Passport
  • Address Confirmation in DE
  • Deregistration (Abmeldung)
  • Address Confirmation in CH
  • Registration in Switzerland
  • Power of Attorney
  • Packing List with values
  • 18.44 Household Effects Form



Every moving company that moves the personal belongings of an individuum they need to proof to the Swiss customs agency a couple of things. One of them is the identity of the individuum for whom the company move the items. Therefore the company will ask you for a copy of your passport (or other foto ID if you have no passport). 

Passport is a one document required for the customs process when moving to Switzerland

Address Confirmation in Germany

The customs agency in Switzerland wants to see proof that you have been living in Germany. Documents that are valid to proof this are for example an apartment lease or an utility bill.

Deregistration in Germany

For this you ideally prepare a couple weeks prior and then do the actual unregistration as soon as possible (7 days prior to the move), so you have the confirmation in time for the move. 

When to Deregister?

  • Up to 7 days before or within 14 days after moving out of your permanent address.

How to Deregister? (Examples for Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich)


  1. Personal Appointment:

    • Schedule an appointment at the local citizens office.
    • Fill out the Abmeldung form
    • Bring your identity card or passport.
    • Receive your deregistration certificate on the spot.
  2. Registered Mail:

  3. Email:


  1. Personal Appointment:

    • Schedule an appointment at the local citizens office.
    • Fill out the Abmeldung form.
    • Bring your identity card or passport.
    • Receive your deregistration certificate on the spot.
    • A representative can also do it with a signed power of attorney.
  2. Registered Mail:

    • Fill out the Abmeldung form and send it to a Frankfurt citizen’s office.
    • Attach a copy of your identity card or passport.
    • Receive your deregistration certificate by mail (“Abmeldebescheinigung”) to the address you filled out in the form (also abroad).


  1. By Mail:

    • Fill out the Abmeldung form
    • Attach a copy of your identity card or passport.
    • Send it to the local citizens office (KVR)
    • Receive your deregistration certificate by mail.
  2. Online:

    • Fill out the Abmeldung form online (available for moving abroad).
    • Provide your new foreign address.
    • Receive your deregistration certificate by mail.

If you move with Smoover, we will guide you as well and check your deregistration prior to the move. If there’s an issue there still will be time to correct it. This is included in our services offering.

Address Confirmation in Switzerland

To proof to the Swiss authorities that you and your items have already a place to stay, an address confirmation is required. Possible documents are a purchase agreement if you bought property, or a lease contract. Even a utility bill or the confirmation of a shorter term rental like Airbnb are possible.

Registration in Switzerland

Once you have applied for living in Switzerland, you’ll get a confirmation. Ideally you can share this for the customs check of moving your items to Switzerland. If you haven’t received the confirmation yet, it’s also sufficient to share proof that you have applied. 

Power of attorney

You’ll need to write a power of attorney that the moving company can export from the EU and import your items to Switzerland, as well as filling out the customs form on your behalf.

At Smoover we will have this document ready in our customer portal – customs section for you and you only need to sign it. 

Inventory list with values

The customs office will want to see a list of all items that are being imported to Switzerland up to a specific level and including their values (when newly bought). 

To make it easier for you, Smoover will prepare this list on your behalf and you only need to enter the values and sign it.

18.44 Household Effects Form

Customs Form 1844 for moving to Switzerland

And to round it up there is a form form the Swiss customs agency that you also need to fill out:

Form 18.44 household effects

More info is here.

How to Fill Out the 18.44 Household Effects Form

  1. Personal Information:
    • Name (Surname), First name: Enter your full name.
    • Date of birth: Provide your birthdate.
    • Profession: State your occupation.
    • Marital status: Indicate your marital status.
    • Nationality: Specify your nationality.
    • Address abroad: Enter your current address outside Switzerland.
    • Address in Switzerland: Provide your new address in Switzerland.
  2. Reason for Importing Household Effects:
    • Tick the relevant box:
      • Transfer of domicile to Swiss Customs territory from abroad: Check this box if you are moving to Switzerland from another country.
      • Date of legal transfer of domicile: Enter the date when you legally transferred your domicile.
      • Swiss residence permit or proof of the transfer of domicile: Provide the number and issuing authority of your Swiss residence permit.
  3. Co-immigrating Persons:
    • Enter the names of any family members or other individuals moving with you.
  4. Return to Switzerland after a Period Abroad:
    • Date of departure abroad: Specify the date you left Switzerland.
    • Date of return: Enter the date you returned to Switzerland.
  5. Furnishing a Residence in Switzerland While Maintaining Domicile Abroad:
    • Tenant or Owner: Indicate whether you are renting or owning the residence.
    • Contract dated: Provide the date of the rental or purchase contract.
    • Premises available from: State the date the residence was ready for occupation.
  6. Declaration of Household Effects:
    • List of items: Attach a list of all household items being imported.
    • Vehicles: If importing vehicles, provide the type, make, model, and chassis number.
    • Signature: Sign and date the form.
  7. Customs Declaration for Tax and Duty-Free Importation:
    • Complete importation or Partial importation: Indicate whether the importation is complete or partial.
    • Previous document: Reference any prior related documents.
    • Ref. No., no. of items and type of packages: Provide details of the items and packages.
    • Weight in kg: State the total weight of the items.
    • Estimated total value in CHF: Estimate the total value in Swiss Francs.
    • Subsequent consignment date: If there are subsequent consignments, provide an estimated arrival date.
  8. Final Signature:
    • Sign and date the form where required.

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