Moving to Liverpool

Moving to Liverpool

Looking to move to Liverpool? Smoover Moving is here to help you navigate the process seamlessly, providing expert tips and services to ensure a stress-free relocation to this vibrant city in the United Kingdom.

Moving to Liverpool: Experience a Smooth and Green Move with Smoover Moving

Are you planning a move to the vibrant city of Liverpool? Look no further than Smoover Moving, Europe's customer-centric moving company. With our exceptional services and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience for all our clients.

Why Choose Smoover Moving?

At Smoover Moving, we understand that moving can be a daunting task. That's why we have developed innovative software that helps us gather meticulous requirements, plan moves with precision, schedule experienced teams, and offer competitive pricing. Our goal is to make your move as seamless as possible, taking care of all the logistics so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Green Moving Solutions

Not only are we dedicated to providing exceptional moving services, but we are also committed to being the greenest moving company in Europe. We understand the impact that moving can have on the environment, which is why we have implemented strategies to minimize empty loads and reduce carbon emissions.

Our advanced route planning software allows us to optimize our routes, ensuring that our trucks are always filled to capacity. By minimizing empty loads, we can significantly reduce the number of trips required, resulting in fewer carbon emissions and a more sustainable moving process.

Additional Services

At Smoover Moving, we go above and beyond to meet all your moving needs. In addition to our exceptional moving services, we offer a range of additional services to make your move even more convenient.

Box Packing: Our professional team can assist you with expertly packing your belongings, ensuring that they are secure and protected during transit.

Assembly Services: Need help assembling furniture or setting up appliances in your new home? Our experienced team can take care of it for you, saving you time and effort.

Post-Move Apartment Painting and Cleaning: Once you've settled into your new home, our team can provide painting and cleaning services to give your apartment a fresh and clean look.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Smoover Moving, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and ensuring that every aspect of your move is handled with care and professionalism. Our experienced teams are trained to handle all types of moves, from residential to commercial, and will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

So, if you're planning a move to Liverpool, choose Smoover Moving for a smooth, green, and hassle-free experience. Contact us today to get a quote and let us take care of all your moving needs.

Google map of Liverpool in United Kingdom

Popular Neighbourhoods in Liverpool

When it comes to finding the perfect place to live in Liverpool, there are several popular neighbourhoods that offer a range of amenities, vibrant communities, and convenient access to the city's attractions. Whether you're a young professional, a family, or a student, Liverpool has something to offer for everyone. Here are some of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the city:

1. City Centre

The City Centre is the heart of Liverpool and offers a bustling urban lifestyle. It is home to numerous shops, restaurants, bars, and cultural attractions. Living in the City Centre means having everything at your doorstep, including the famous Liverpool ONE shopping complex and the iconic waterfront.

2. Baltic Triangle

The Baltic Triangle is a trendy and creative neighbourhood that has undergone significant regeneration in recent years. It is known for its vibrant arts scene, independent cafes, bars, and music venues. The area is popular among young professionals and artists looking for a lively and alternative atmosphere.

3. Aigburth

Aigburth is a leafy suburb located south of the city centre. It offers a peaceful residential environment with beautiful parks, such as Sefton Park and Otterspool Park, which are perfect for outdoor activities. Aigburth also has a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and excellent transport links.

4. Woolton

Woolton is a charming and picturesque neighbourhood known for its historic buildings and village-like atmosphere. It is home to the famous Strawberry Field, as well as the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Woolton offers a range of amenities, including shops, cafes, and traditional pubs.

5. Allerton

Allerton is a popular residential area located south-east of the city centre. It is known for its beautiful Victorian and Edwardian houses, as well as its vibrant community. Allerton offers a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and parks. It is also home to Calderstones Park, which features a stunning lake and botanical gardens.

6. Crosby

Crosby is a coastal suburb located north of the city centre. It is famous for Antony Gormley's art installation, "Another Place," which consists of 100 cast-iron figures spread along the beach. Crosby offers a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and leisure facilities. It is a popular choice for families and those who enjoy outdoor activities.

7. Formby

Formby is a desirable neighbourhood located north of Liverpool. It is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, sand dunes, and nature reserves. Formby offers a peaceful and idyllic setting, perfect for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits. The area also has a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and golf courses.

8. Everton

Everton is a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood located north-east of the city centre. It is home to Everton Football Club and offers a strong sense of community. Everton has a range of amenities, including shops, markets, and leisure facilities. The area is undergoing regeneration, making it an attractive option for those looking for affordable housing.


These are just a few of the popular neighbourhoods in Liverpool. Each area has its own unique charm and appeal, catering to different lifestyles and preferences. Whether you're looking for a bustling city centre lifestyle or a peaceful suburban retreat, Liverpool has something for everyone.

Job Opportunities in Liverpool: A Thriving City for Career Growth

Are you looking for exciting job opportunities in a vibrant city? Look no further than Liverpool! With its rich history, thriving economy, and diverse industries, Liverpool offers a plethora of career options for professionals across various sectors. Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional, this city has something to offer for everyone.

A Growing Economy

Liverpool's economy has experienced significant growth in recent years, making it an attractive destination for job seekers. The city is home to a wide range of industries, including finance, digital technology, creative arts, healthcare, and education. This diverse economy provides ample opportunities for individuals with different skill sets and backgrounds.

Thriving Digital and Creative Sectors

One of Liverpool's standout industries is its digital and creative sector. The city has a vibrant digital ecosystem, with numerous tech startups and established companies operating in the area. From web development and digital marketing to graphic design and video production, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals with a creative flair and a passion for technology.

Healthcare and Education

Liverpool is also known for its strong healthcare and education sectors. The city is home to several prestigious universities, including the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, which attract students from around the world. This, in turn, creates a demand for professionals in the education sector, ranging from lecturers and researchers to administrative staff.

Additionally, Liverpool boasts world-class healthcare facilities, including the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the Liverpool Women's Hospital. These institutions provide employment opportunities for healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and support staff.

Financial Services

As a major commercial center, Liverpool has a thriving financial services sector. The city is home to several banks, insurance companies, and investment firms, offering a wide range of job opportunities in finance, accounting, and risk management. Whether you're a seasoned finance professional or just starting your career in the industry, Liverpool provides a conducive environment for growth and development.

Job Opportunities for Graduates

For recent graduates, Liverpool offers a wealth of entry-level positions and graduate schemes across various industries. Many companies in the city actively recruit fresh talent, providing opportunities for young professionals to kickstart their careers. Additionally, Liverpool's lower cost of living compared to other major cities in the UK makes it an attractive destination for graduates looking to establish themselves without breaking the bank.


With its growing economy, diverse industries, and abundance of job opportunities, Liverpool is a city that should not be overlooked by job seekers. Whether you're interested in the digital sector, healthcare, education, finance, or any other industry, Liverpool has something to offer. So, why not explore the job opportunities in this thriving city and take your career to new heights?

Child Care and Education in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city that offers a wide range of child care and education options for families. Whether you are looking for daycare centers, preschools, or primary schools, Liverpool has a variety of choices to meet your child's needs.

Daycare Centers

Daycare centers in Liverpool provide a safe and nurturing environment for children while their parents are at work. These centers offer age-appropriate activities, playtime, and meals. Some popular daycare centers in Liverpool include:

Name Location Services
Little Explorers Daycare City Center Full-day care, meals, educational activities
Happy Kids Daycare Suburb A Half-day care, outdoor play area, arts and crafts
Playful Minds Daycare Suburb B Extended hours, music and movement classes


Preschools in Liverpool focus on early childhood education and development. They provide a structured learning environment where children can develop social, cognitive, and motor skills. Some well-known preschools in Liverpool include:

Name Location Curriculum
ABC Preschool City Center Play-based learning, early literacy, numeracy
Little Learners Preschool Suburb A Montessori approach, sensory activities
Smart Start Preschool Suburb B STEAM education, outdoor exploration

Primary Schools

Liverpool is home to several excellent primary schools that provide a solid foundation for children's education. These schools offer a comprehensive curriculum and extracurricular activities. Some notable primary schools in Liverpool include:

Name Location Special Features
City Elementary School City Center Language immersion programs, sports facilities
Greenfield Primary School Suburb A Arts and music programs, spacious campus
Woodland Academy Suburb B Outdoor learning, environmental education

Choosing the right child care and education options for your child is an important decision. Liverpool offers a diverse range of choices to cater to different preferences and needs. Take the time to research and visit the facilities to find the best fit for your child.

Move Price to Liverpool

Are you planning a move to Liverpool? Look no further than Smoover Moving, Europe's customer-centric moving company. With our exceptional software and services, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving experience for our customers. Let us take care of all your moving needs, from meticulous requirement gathering to exceptional move planning and scheduling experienced teams.

One of the key advantages of choosing Smoover Moving is our competitive pricing. We understand that moving can be a costly affair, and we strive to provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality. Our software helps us optimize the moving process, allowing us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

But that's not all. Smoover Moving is also committed to being the greenest moving company in Europe. We take pride in our ability to minimize empty loads through excellent route planning. By optimizing our routes, we reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, making us an environmentally friendly choice for your move to Liverpool.

In addition to our core moving services, Smoover Moving offers a range of additional services to make your move even more convenient. Our box packing service ensures that your belongings are securely packed and protected during transit. Our experienced teams can also assist with assembly services, saving you time and effort. And once you've settled into your new home, we can even take care of post-move apartment painting and cleaning, so you can focus on making your new space feel like home.

Move Price to Liverpool

Service Price
Basic Move Starting from £500
Box Packing Starting from £100
Assembly Services Starting from £50
Post-Move Apartment Painting Starting from £200
Post-Move Apartment Cleaning Starting from £100

At Smoover Moving, we believe in providing transparent pricing to our customers. The prices listed above are starting prices and may vary depending on the specific requirements of your move. Contact us today for a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

Choose Smoover Moving for your move to Liverpool and experience the difference of a customer-centric moving company. With our meticulous planning, competitive pricing, and additional services, we ensure a stress-free and efficient move.

What our customers say

SMOOVER is all about providing the best possible moving experience: low stress, perfect planning and execution while maintaining transparent communication via WhatsApp. Our customers appreciate this – a lot. See for yourself our latest reviews here:

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  • Brilliant experience with zero downsides. Both me and my husband were very stressed about our move, but Smoover made things considerably easier. Communication both through Email and WhatsApp is kind a... Read More
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Additional Services

With Smoover you can get any service that you might need when moving houses: Packing, painting and cleaning.

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