Private: Networking in Denmark

Tips for Expats: Building Your Professional Network in Denmark

Denmark is a country known for its high quality of life, strong economy, and welcoming culture. As an expat moving to Denmark, one of the key aspects of settling in and advancing your career is building a professional network. Networking plays a crucial role in finding job opportunities, gaining industry insights, and establishing social connections. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips for building and maintaining a professional and social network in Denmark as an expat.

1. Understand the Danish Networking Culture

Before diving into networking in Denmark, it's important to understand the cultural nuances that shape the Danish networking landscape. Danes value equality, trust, and authenticity in their interactions. They prefer informal and egalitarian relationships, where everyone's opinions are respected.

When networking in Denmark, be genuine, humble, and avoid excessive self-promotion. Focus on building meaningful connections based on shared interests and mutual benefits. Remember, networking in Denmark is not just about professional advancement but also about establishing long-lasting relationships.

2. Attend Professional Events and Conferences

One of the most effective ways to expand your professional network in Denmark is by attending industry-specific events and conferences. These events provide excellent opportunities to meet like-minded professionals, industry leaders, and potential employers.

Research online to find relevant events and conferences in your field. Some popular events in Denmark include TechBBQ, Copenhagen Fashion Summit, and Money20/20 Europe. Make sure to prepare beforehand by researching the speakers, topics, and attendees. During the event, engage in conversations, ask thoughtful questions, and exchange contact information with individuals you connect with.

3. Join Professional Associations and Organizations

Joining professional associations and organizations is another effective way to build your network in Denmark. These groups bring together professionals from specific industries or fields, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and career development.

Research the professional associations and organizations relevant to your industry and join them. Attend their events, workshops, and seminars to meet professionals who share your interests. Actively participate in discussions, contribute your expertise, and seize opportunities to collaborate on projects. By becoming an active member, you can establish yourself as a valuable contributor to the community.

4. Utilize Online Networking Platforms

In today's digital age, online networking platforms have become indispensable tools for building professional connections. In Denmark, LinkedIn is the most widely used platform for professional networking. Create a compelling LinkedIn profile that highlights your skills, experiences, and career goals.

Join relevant LinkedIn groups and engage in discussions to showcase your expertise and connect with professionals in your field. Reach out to individuals you admire or who work in companies you are interested in. Personalize your connection requests and explain why you would like to connect. Remember to follow up and maintain regular communication with your connections.

5. Attend Social and Expat Events

Building a social network is equally important as building a professional network. Attending social and expat events allows you to meet people from different backgrounds, cultures, and professions. These events provide a supportive environment for expats to connect, share experiences, and build friendships.

Look for social and expat groups in your city or town. Websites like and are great resources for finding such events. Attend language exchange meetups, cultural festivals, and expat networking events. Be open-minded, approachable, and show genuine interest in getting to know others. Building a strong social network will not only enhance your personal life but also expand your professional opportunities through referrals and recommendations.

6. Engage in Volunteering and Community Activities

Volunteering and engaging in community activities is an excellent way to meet people, contribute to society, and expand your network in Denmark. Danish society places great importance on community involvement and volunteering is highly valued.

Research local volunteer organizations and find opportunities that align with your interests and skills. Whether it's helping at a local charity, participating in environmental initiatives, or coaching a sports team, volunteering allows you to connect with individuals who share your passions. By actively engaging in community activities, you not only contribute to the society but also establish meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

7. Maintain and Nurture Your Network

Building a network is not a one-time task; it requires continuous effort and nurturing. Once you have established connections, it's important to maintain and strengthen them over time.

Regularly reach out to your network through emails, coffee meetings, or social gatherings. Stay updated on their professional achievements, life events, and interests. Offer support, share relevant resources, and be a valuable resource yourself. By actively participating in your network, you will not only maintain strong relationships but also benefit from the collective knowledge and opportunities within your network.


Building and maintaining a professional and social network in Denmark as an expat is essential for career growth and personal fulfillment. By understanding the Danish networking culture, attending events, joining professional associations, utilizing online platforms, attending social and expat events, engaging in volunteering, and nurturing your connections, you can establish a strong network that will support your professional journey in Denmark. Remember, networking is not just about what you can gain but also about what you can contribute to others. So, be genuine, be proactive, and embrace the opportunities that networking in Denmark offers.