Art Transport

Professional Art Transport with SMOOVER

At SMOOVER, we specialize in transporting art across Europe, offering unparalleled expertise in the safe handling of paintings, statues, and other high-value unique items. Collaborating with Allianz insurance, we ensure your precious art pieces are fully protected during transport.

Art Transport Process at SMOOVER

Our meticulous process ensures the utmost care and precision in handling your artworks:

  1. Measurements:

    • Our first step involves taking precise measurements of each art piece, whether it’s a painting, statue, or another unique item, to ensure specialized care.
  2. Prepare Boxes:

    • We select the appropriate packaging based on the type and fragility of the item. For larger paintings, custom-made wooden boxes are prepared to provide sturdy and secure containment.
  3. Wooden Boxes for Paintings:

    • For substantial artworks, we craft wooden boxes tailored to the specific dimensions of each piece. The cost for such custom boxes, depending on dimensions, starts around 500€ net.
  4. Multi-Artwork Boxes:

    • Smaller paintings that can be safely transported together are placed in a multi-box setup, ensuring efficient and secure transport.
  5. Fitting and Protection:

    • On the move day, we attach acid-free archival cardboard to the back of large paintings for canvas protection.
    • Artworks are then wrapped in Tyvek and a layer of PE bubble wrap. Ethafoam is used for inner padding, and paintings are backed with vibration protection packing fleece.
    • For exceptionally large art, a skilled restorer may be involved to adjust canvases and mitigate vibration risks during transport.
  6. Insurance and Assurance:

    • In partnership with Allianz, we offer insurance coverage for your art up to 5,000,000€. We discuss the value of your collection beforehand and liaise with our underwriters to provide the best insurance solution.

Your Art, Our Responsibility

Preparing and transporting art involves meticulous attention to detail and specialized handling, often resulting in costs between 5,000€ and 10,000€ for around 10 paintings. This investment significantly reduces the risk of damage, ensuring the safe delivery of your art collection, whether you’re moving from Munich to Spain, France, or Monaco.

What our customers say

SMOOVER is all about providing the best possible moving experience: low stress, perfect planning and execution while maintaining transparent communication via WhatsApp. Our customers appreciate this – a lot. See for yourself our latest reviews here:

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Ready for a Seamless Art Relocation?

Book your professional art transport with SMOOVER and experience a stress-free, secure transfer of your treasured art collection. We’re here to make your art’s journey as flawless as the artwork itself.